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Glorifying Social Media – When IPTV Met Twitter

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There is no denying the prestige of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter over a previous couple of years. Although these social media sites platforms did not exist a decade earlier, they are now firmly integrated into the modern culture. In fact, it is extraordinary how much our lives are influenced by social media. We not just interact online, however we also “tweet” and “Digg” and “bookmarking” and “favorite” and share all type of content.

Any occasion of the rate of interest, regardless of how insignificant it might be, is virtually assured to be reported through numerous online opportunities. Whether it is a tweet or an article or a viral video, the buzz spreads out swiftly throughout the Net. Nevertheless, we are the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter generation – we live and take a breath with social media sites.

Positive Social Actions

In particular, the increase of social media sites brought upon an intriguing sensation within the traditional media layout. Just recently, the world enjoyed its first-ever situational funny motivated by a Twitter account. Crassly entitled My Father States, the show includes William Shatner as a cantankerous old guy with a broad selection of stylish one-liners, while his son documents these comments on the net. Best IPTV The actual Twitter account has practically two million followers; the comedy best debuted to a target market of over twelve million audiences. Let those impressive numbers sink in first, and afterward you better understand that it was an anonymous old male – that would certainly never have been renowned without the Net – attracted this much interest and popularity.

Glorifying Social Media - When IPTV Met Twitter

Initially, the idea of a Twitter account sounds laughably absurd – how could a real IPTV show sustain based on the random tweets of much less than 140 personalities? As it turns out, $# *! My Daddy Says is no various from the common laugh track comedies on CBS, total with Shatner’s notable way of supplying a ha-ha gag line or any type of line whatsoever, really. Yet, it is the suggestion behind the sitcom that presents one of the most creativity. Think about what the program has actually achieved by its mere presence: a social media sites icon is being celebrated in network IPTV!